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Chalki ruin
The old houses and ruins on the narrow back alleys with connecting stairways up the hillside in Chalki (Halki) are well worth exploring. With the colourful spring flowers in the alleys and little gardens, as well as the backdrop of the deep blue and cobalt waters in the harbour, it is a paradise for artists and photographers.

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Sunlight striking Dumgoyne and Dumfoyne
The walk along a short stretch of the West Highland Way between Easter Carbeth and Dumgoyach is becoming one of our favourite short walks for a Sunday afternoon wander. The views to the Campsies and even Ben Lomond in the far distance when meandering down the well trodden track towards Dumgyach are simply stunning. I will never tire of these views.

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Casa Bencomo (Restored)
In my previous post Casa Bencomo from 2010, I showed a set of images of the derelict traditional townhouse taken in 2006 and the start of the renovations in 2010. Renovations have now been completed, and the townhouse now houses San Sebatian’s tourist information.

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Are you looking’ at me punk
his is the second year in a row that we have baby robins in the garden. Inquisitive and less shy than their parents, the baby robins sit around long enough to let me go inside, grab my camera and go back out to take a few shots from different angles while he watched my from his perch, before he flew away.

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Indian Ocean Abstracts
A serie of six abstracts of the Indian Ocean taken at Kalutara on the East coast of Sri Lanka. The abstract nature has been created ‘in camera’ by moving the camera while shooting with a slow shutter speed, a technique known as ICM (Intentional Camera Movement).

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Chasing reflections
What else to do than go ‘Doon the Water’ on a sunny Sunday afternoon. We drove down to Doonfoot and wandered along the beach to Greenan Castle and the Heads of Ayr. I found the perfect spot for a shot of the castle with the reflections in the still water.

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Classics: Ensign Midget
This is the first post in a new series to show you some of the cameras I have in my antique and classic camera collection, starting with one of my smallest cameras, the Ensign Midget. The Ensign Midget is truly a pocketable camera and is still smaller than most of the modern small digital compacts.

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Photoshop: Whippet Triplets
You probably have gathered from the images on my site, that creating panormas (vistas) and virtual realisties by stitching multiple images together is one of my specialities. So I decided to do an experiment with three images shown below that I took of Lola at Portencross Beach. And I am quite chuffed with the result.